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Intel i7 4790K processor, Intel SSD, DDR3, 1GBps
Minecraft Hoster since 2012
Hello Gamers,

Welcome on our MCPE hosting APP website, if you don’t know us, we are affiliate with, hosting Minecraft server all arround the world since 2012 :)

MCPE Hosting is an all in one application, you can order, configure and manage your server directly from your mobile.

We believe it’s the best choice for MCPE because you play from your phone, it’s normal that you can manage your server also from it.

So we designed a trully ergonomic mobile interface to make your actions much faster and simple.
You will find much easer to configuration and administrate your mcpe server.

If you download and install our application, you will get a 3 slots lifetime mcpe server, then you can add some extras features if you want.

We wish you a very good game :)
MCPE Free server Lifetime
You get your free minecraft pocket edition server, you keep it forever as soon you use it.
Instant Setup
When you register on the app, your mcpe server is instantly installed.
Plugins Availables
One click install of most mcpe plugins, you can also directly edit their configuration on the app.
DDoS Protection
All of our mcpe server are protected by one of the most powerfull DDoS Protection, over 6TB of bandwwidth protected.
Custom Server Address
You can chose the name you want for your server, it's much better to give to your friends.
24/7 Access
Your server is available 24/7, don't worry anymore to be connected to let your friends play.
Best 2016 Server Hardware
We are using absolutly the best hight tech available hardware, The Minecraft Hosting Pro Team have years of expertise on servers configuration and administration.
Server Backup
Don't be afraid to lose data on your server, we have automated backups, you can also launch a backup on your server at any moment.
Online Support
Need help for something, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact by tickets our support team.
Friends Donations
Your friends can help you to improve your server, directly on the donation page of the app.
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